Teen boys and Acne and what to do about it!

When it comes to teen boys and acne or pimples they usually want the no-brainer approach - the least amount of effort for the greatest result. And little or no attention to the fact that they might even need something to help clear up their skin. Also boys can be very embarrassed and non vocal about having spots.

If their skin is starting to break out and white heads are forming this is usually nothing to be too concerned about and can be cleared up quickly using the right products for their skin. However, if the lumps are cystic in appearance and really painful then professional advice is best sort from a dermatologist as there could be something other then normal hormonal issues driving the skin changes.

For normal pimples a simple routine of using a face wash designed to kill the bacteria on the skin and settle the redness is all that is needed. If faster healing is required using a spot treatment quickens this process.  An all natural approach is best as most of over the counter pimple products contain nasty chemicals that are hormone disrupters and alcohol that dries out the skin and upsets the PH balance making pimples more painful as they try and pop up through the skin and can sometimes even cause lasting skin problems such as scarring. Read the label on the back carefully as some brands can be very misleading about being all natural.

The teen brand 808 Dude formulated two natural and organic products just for pimples that deliver really quick results without much effort. The Zit Free face wash removes oil and grime gently and the essential oils work to heal and prevent spots. The spot free gel in the range contains over 35% Manuka honey (close to medical grade honey known for its antibacterial and antiviral properties) making it one of the best healers for pimples and small nicks from shaving.

The two products together are designed to kill the bacteria, calm the skin, settle the pain and heal, preventing further outbreaks.

The best time to get your son using products is at the first sign of little bumps under the skin. These can start as young as 12 but are normally around age 14 or 15 and especially if no personal care routine is established. If you get boys into a routine early you can prevent their skin worsening or them even getting spots.

When you do choose something for them make sure you explain how to use them properly, the amount to use and how often. Believe me when I say that they have no idea. This is usually twice a day such as when brushing their teeth and or showering and applying spot treatments only to clean skin.