What to do when your son's skin starts breaking out?

Pimpes and acne don't just happen overnight, right? Well, it might feel like it to your son but there are little signs that he might have a problem with breakouts.

So this is what to look for:

*He is smellier than usual

*His skin is getting oily

*His hair is oilier than usual

*little white heads are appearing along with blackheads

*skin is looking a bit red and possibly shiny

This is the time to take action - DO NOT WAIT as it will only get worse and take longer to get under control.

Really, all this means is that he will need to get on top of his personal hygiene and go that extra little step and wash his face separately from his body twice a day.

He will have to do this for most of his time going through puberty to keep his skin clear. When he stops his skin will get spotty so he'll soon work it out for himself.

Look for a face wash that is gentle enough to use twice a day that doesn't dry out the skin. Choosing 100% natural will be the way to go. So no alcohol, chemicals especially PEGS, (check the www.ewg.org/skindeep/ database if unsure what is in a product.

Look for a product that has natural essential oils that address the removal of bacteria such as tea tree without changing and drying out the skin. You want the skin to remain hydrated so encourage your son to drink water instead of fizzy drinks and use a gentle natural moisturiser if necessary. If the skin is dehydrated it is harder for a pimple to push up and then they can become more infected, prone to squeezing and painful. Eww

808 Dude Zit Free Face Wash was created and formulated to make teen boys and (mums) life easier by giving a simple yet effective solution to staying on top of pimples and keeping teen boys skin clear and healthy. The face wash is formulated to be used twice daily before, during and after pimple outbreaks. 



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