Teen Boys Personal Care Simply Explained with 808 Dude

Personal Care Shampoo & Body Wash For Teen Boys

“It’s the chemicals that are created by bacteria that put the scent in adolescent.”

Bacteria Basics:

808 Dude is a range of personal care shampoo body wash for teen boys as well as face wash, speciality pimple spot cream and deodorant.

From around the age of 10 on-wards your body starts to change and it’s a given that you’ll start to stink. How much depends on how quickly you learn to look after your personal hygiene. That means clean your body.

It’s bacteria that mostly cause the stink you and others begin to notice. Take a look at Boris – it’s not pretty! However, it’s easy to get rid of the stink by just washing daily, especially after sport or when you sweat. This way bacterium doesn’t get a chance to live off your sweat and dead skin cells. If you don’t wash the bacteria from your body it will not only live but also thrive releasing the chemicals that create the stink. Boris is not your friend! Wash him away daily.

We recommend  808 Dude Shampoo & Body Wash, as it is an all-in-one, which means you can wash your hair and body with the same product – it’s a no brainer.


The Best Natural Treatment for Pimple and Acne

Puberty and pimples are as common as farts.

Why? Because as you enter the teen years your hormones kick into a whole other gear. It’s these active hormones that produce the extra oil production in your body that causes the outbreaks.

Pimples come in all shapes and sizes. You can have an army of small white-heads that invade your entire face (and sometimes body) or the one off large volcano type that feels like it can erupt any minute – like our resident pimple Gus … not a good look!

No one wants pimples, but very few teens get through these years without a break out. At this time it’s important to remember that they will clear up and there are things you can do to help this process along.

Cleanliness and diet do play an important role. Washing prevents bacteria spreading which causes acne and cutting out excess sugar helps the skin balance its oil production.

So listen to your mums – wash and eat well.

Your other secret weapon if you want to annihilate zits is 808 Dude Zit Free Face Wash & 808 Dude Clear Skin Spot Free Gel. It’s a natural treatment for pimples and acne with essential oils to clean, heal and protect the skin. This means when you enter your adult years you won’t have damaged your skin with harmful chemicals (which many pimple creams are full of) and you won’t scar, especially if you don’t pick.

Warning: Do not squeeze pimples. This causes scarring of the skin that will stay with you for life. If the pressure must be released from a pulsating pimple, firstly, bathe the pimple with a fairly hot flannel to draw the head of the pimple up to the surface then get your mum to release using gentle pressure from afar with tissues so she doesn't break the skin or spread bacteria.


Natural Aluminium Free Deodorant For Teen Boys

Only your mum, sis or bro will tell you the truth – you stink! Why? You ask! It’s because you have knock you over, serious boy stink. So a call to action is needed. And the best solution  is a natural organic chem free deodorant that wont mess with your health but will wipe out your boy stink.

Your sweat glands under your arms become seriously over active through this teen development stage and bacteria just love sweat and dead skin cells to live on releasing a chemical smell, which becomes your bad odor! And while you may think you don’t smell so bad others won’t agree.

It’s a major mistake to start trying to cover up this odor by spraying a cheap chemical body spray deodorant all over you. It doesn't mask the smell, it only sits on top adding to it. Also you should forget about antiperspirants as your body needs to sweat as a way for cooling down and these prevent the water being released from the body. Wet is manly, stink is not!

The only way forward is to shower everyday and use a natural organic chem free, essential oil based deodorant. We haven’t found many that don’t smell like daises (leave those for your mum or nana – poor Doran) so we came up with our own manly/masculine/macho smell in our natural organic chem free deodorant for stinky pits.

Final Word:
808 Dude Deodorant is a natural organic chem free deodorant without aluminium for your health’s sake.