About 808 Dude

Natural Skincare for Teens

Born out of frustration, 808 DUDE was developed by an Aussie mum who wanted to give her teen boy natural skin care products that worked and weren’t full of crappy chemicals.  A range where the packaging would appeal to and speak the language of today’s teen. A range that was a win/win for both mother and son!

After two years of research and development,  a line of ‘no brainer’ products were created, containing no crap, in totally sick ‘street art’ inspired packaging. The result? 808 Dude grooming products which offer a natural solution to stinky teens.

Carolyn Palliardi, former beauty editor and author would stand in the aisle of a supermarket looking for options for teen boys – absolutely nothing! Everything that was on the shelves was either for adult males or kids. There was nothing that actually catered for the hormonal changes going on in a teen boys body. “A boy’s skin is not the same as a man’s nor is their hair,” she says.

“There are male products or pimple products full of chemicals that work but at what long term cost to our kids? I was looking for something that was easy to use, effective and most importantly, chemical free with no chance of any of its ingredients being linked to cancer in the future. I come from a desire and passion to help boys and keep them healthy – naturally. I also wanted something a teen could recognize in the shower as their own.”

If the idea of a natural skin care product range was going to be accepted by teen boys it had to be cool. The name dude was suggested by a friend because let’s face it all teens are dudes and 808 was added to make it standout from a colloquial term. 808 is the police code for disturbing the police in the U.S. A and also the name of a particular hip drum machine the Roland TR 808 used by most music artists including Kayne West who has an album called ‘808s and Heartbreak'. All very cool reasons to add it to our name.

So 808 DUDE was created, trademarked and nurtured to life.