Best Shampoo & Body Wash For Teen Boys


“It’s the chemicals that are created by bacteria that put the scent in adolescent.”

Bacteria Basics:

808 Dude is a range of personal care shampoo body wash for teen boys as well as face wash and deodorant.

From around the age of 10 on-wards your body starts to change and it’s a given that you’ll start to stink. How much depends on how quickly you learn to look after your personal hygiene. That means clean your body.

It’s bacteria that mostly cause the stink you and others begin to notice. Take a look at Boris – it’s not pretty! However, it’s easy to get rid of the stink by just washing daily, especially after sport or when you sweat. This way bacterium doesn’t get a chance to live off your sweat and dead skin cells. If you don’t wash the bacteria from your body it will not only live but also thrive releasing the chemicals that create the stink. Boris is not your friend! Wash him away daily.

We recommend  808 Dude Shampoo & Body Wash, as it is an all-in-one, which means you can wash your hair and body with the same product – it’s a no brainer.