Roll On Vs Spray Deodorants

Roll on vs spray deodorants! Given the choice most teen boys will reach for a spray deodorant over a roll-on every time. Why? Because they think they are easier to use and hope the scent masks the smell of their perspiration.

The problem with this is that teens spray the aerosol all over their clothes and walk around in a waft of chemical perfume that quickly sours. These aerosols are called body deodorants and don’t do much to prevent the smell of dying bacteria in the sweat that creates the odor in the first place. The next type of spray is called an antiperspirant. These contain aluminum and work by blocking the sweat glands.

There are growing concerns with the use of chemical deodorants and the health dangers of aluminum in them. Using a deodorant to kill off the bacteria that creates the smell is a healthy way of dealing with the smell associated with sweat. Blocking the glands that release the sweat to cool down the body is not. It’s a bit of a ‘no-brainer’ really.

So mums stop putting it into the too hard basket and giving into clever marketing about chemical deodorants. Explain the pros and cons to your son(s) and introduce them to a natural organic roll-on that uses essential oils to kill off bacteria and scent the body.

Persistence is the key. Buy them a healthy deodorant and throw out all the chemical full ones.  Don’t give you son a choice. Believe me they’ll soon get used to it especially, when they get results.


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